Weird Contessa Studio Creations (TM) ~ by Gina Draker

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A Wearable Collectible ~"Miniature Marionettes" are :
ght Gina Draker 2006-2007

Toy/Collectible Prototypes Pieces - including Disney, Warner Bros, Star Wars, Rug Rats and others. . .

Gina's Companies:

Gina Draker Studio
Thousand Oaks, California, USA
Professional Artist/Prototype Sculptor
Toy and Collectible Industry
Product Development: 3-D Design
T-Shirt and Logo Designs
My own collectible line under:
Weird Contessa Studio Creations" (TM) :
Miniature Figurines and One Of A Kind Originals in Polymer Clay
Custom designed and Hand-Sculpted
Also -Wedding Cake Toppers and Personalized Caricature Figurines

Two Cool Sisters (TM) :
Maryland, USA
Ongoing partnership with my sister, Barbee Schlaich.
Specializing in: Home Decor, Glassware and Handpainted Furniture Designs, and OOAK Collectibles

Goebel Miniatures (1988-1990)
Camarillo, CA, USA
Figurine Minatures - Regular Sculptor and "Disney Specialist"

Cameo Guild Studios
Camarillo, CA, USA
Figurine Minatures - In-House Company Sculptor and Project 3-D Designer

Westlake, CA, USA
Lead Sculptor/Project Manager

Applause, Inc
Woodland Hills, CA, USA
Senior In-House Sculptor

BananaDog Studio, Inc (1999-2001)
Canoga Park, CA, USA
Founder and Co-Owner
Sculpting Director/Lead Sculptor